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점심때 뷔페, 아이스크림, 커피! 저녁때 밥차, 츄러스+커피! 야식으로 분식까지!

오늘 하루종일 든든하게 맛있는 식사와 디저트 챙겨주셔서 너무너무 고마워요.

그리고 제작발표회때 놀랄정도로 많은 응원을 받아서 정말 감동받았어요.

앞으로도 쭉 응원해주시고 좋은 작품으로 보답드릴게요. 고맙습니다.


Buffet, ice cream and coffee for lunch! Food truck, churros and coffee for dinner! And even a midnight snack!

Thanks for the great meals and desserts that filled me up today.

I was really moved to see so many people come to the production press conference today.

Please continue to show your support and I will also do my best. Thank you.

Source: http://fx.smtown.com/Board/Details/6884040 
Credit: fx2you.net 


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