[SHOW] 130731 Show Champion - f(x) Interview

Credit: krisbrows8


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  1. Hey Miela!
    Have you met Krystal in person??? Have you had ANY type of conversation with her???
    So how did you come to the conclusion that she is stuck up and all that?
    Just because she looks better than you and has more things going for her in life doesn't mean you leave crap messages like below.
    Perhaps it is YOU that is fake! Perhaps it is YOU that thinks YOU are God's gift to humanity. Perhaps it is YOU who has to be a little more sincere and more humble rather than leaving whiny-ass messages like what you wrote below! Why don't YOU practice smiling in the mirror? You just might like yourself.

    Here's to hoping that humanity does not see your ugly or acknowledge your worthless existence!
    You bitch!