[PERF] 121231 Sichuan TV New Year Eve's Concert - NU ABO, Pinocchio, Electric Shock (with Ment translation)

NU ABO + Pinocchio + Electric Shock

Credit: 全球无敌八卦王, forsongqian1

Ment Translation:

Both Hosts: Thank you! Let’s welcome f(x) again!
Host 1: Please give f(x) a round of applause!
Host 2: Welcome, welcome. Come, come. They are-
Audience: f(x)!
Host 3: Wow. f(x), please say greet our live audience and all viewers across the nation.
f(x): Hello, everyone. We are f(x)!
Victoria: Hello, everyone. I am Song Qian.
Amber: Hello, everyone. I am Amber.
Krystal: Hello, everyone. I am Krystal.
Sulli: Hello, everyone. I am Sulli.
Luna: Hello, everyone. I am Luna.
Host 3: Of course, we should give a round of applause for my translator Xiao Jing. Thank you. Xiao Jing, please stand closer to them.
Host 2: Can you tell us what it feels like to be here in Chengdu today?
Host 3: Don’t let your eyes stray!
Host 2: I’m fine, I was actually looking at you the whole time.
Translator: Actually, we’re… [Chinese subs discontinued so idk what she was saying]
Victoria: This is actually our first time in Sichuan. Actually, my grandpa (from her mother’s side) is Sichuanese, Chengdu-ese. I always eat the spicy Sichuan dishes he makes, Sichuan cuisine so I especially wanted to come to Sichuan to just try and experience/eat real Sichuan foods. I was quite happy to be able to come to Sichuan today.
Host 2: Before, Victoria already posted on her Weibo, “Whoa, leaving for Shenzhen and coming to Sichuan!” So I don’t know if your sisters (referring to f(x) members) really wanted to come to Sichuan as well? Amber?
Amber: I’m afraid of speaking because my Chinese isn’t very good.
Host 2: No worries, we have someone here who understands English. You can speak in English.
Host 3: Yeah, English is fine.
[Krystal laughing in the ]
Amber: Every time I come to China, I usually- Uh,
Host 2: You have a Sichuan accent~
[Everyone laughs]
Host 2: What’s going on?
Amber: Whenever we come to China, we don’t have time to go out and play (play = experience/travel, in this case).
Host ??: Right.
Amber: I hope we’ll be able to go out and play a little bit this time. Yeah, something like that…
Host 2: So you want play in Sichuan. Song Qian wants to eat Sichuan’s spicy cuisine. For example [some dish name]
Host 3: Also, [some dish name]
Host 2: So you want to go out and play. What about the other members?
[Translator works her magic and Krystal speaks]
Host 2: Okay, it was too noisy that translator couldn’t understand what she was saying. Please, translator.
Translator: I did hear her.
Host 2: You did. What did she say?
Translator: She said Sichuan is famous for spicy food so she wants to try it out.
Host 2: So everyone’s focus for Sichuan is spicy foods.
[Translator + Krystal]
Translator: They can handle spicy foods very well.
Hosts: Ohhhh
Host 2: The word “spicy,” other than being used to describe taste, can also be used to describe a type of girl. For example, “fire hot” and “spicy girl.” I guess that wouldn’t need any translation (T/N: You cracked, Amber).
Host 3: But, we’re nearing the year 2013. What are everyone’s wishes?
Host ??: Yes, wishes for the new year.
Host 2: Let’s allow these last two beautiful girls to comment. Make a wish! Luna, what’s your new year’s wish?
[Luna laughs]
Host 2: Your new year’s wish is-
Luna: New year, new year (in Chinese)
Host 2: You can speak Chinese?
Luna: No (in Chinese)
Host 2: You can get a boyfriend
Luna: A little.
Host 2: A little? Okay, please.
Luna: Yesterday? No, next year. Next year, we’ll go to China.
[Everyone cracks up]
Host 2: Hold on, hold on. We’re already in China.
Luna: Yes, in China.
Host 2: Yes, yes.
Luna: In China, an f(x) concert (T/N: Holy crap)
[Everyone goes crazy]
Host 2: So you’re going to have a concert in China? Where will your first stop be?
Audience: Chengdu!
Host 2: You can come to Chengdu.
Luna: Okay, to Chengdu.
Host 2: How about Sullli? What is Sulli’s new year’s wish?
[Sulli freezes up]
Host 2: Wait, wait, tell us, tell us. Us Sichuanese need to be a bit quieter and give her time to speak. I think we’re scaring her. Tell us.
[Sulli speaks]
Host 3: She’s saying she want to have a boyfriend.
[Sulli speaks]
Host 3: Lots and lots of boyfriends!
Translator: She said she’ll be 20 years old next year.
Host 2: She’s two years older than me! She looks so young! She’s around the same age as me and Hei Ren (Host 3’s stage name). And?
Translator: So she wants to try things she has never tried before.
Host 2: And what did she not try before? For example?
[Translator + Sulli gesturing]
Host 2: Driving?
Translator: For example, driving.
Host 2: Your wish would be satisfied too easily.
[Translator + Sulli]
Host 2: Thank you, thank you. Okay, Krystal!
[Krystal says something]
Host 2: What’s her new year’s wish?
[Krystal laugh, host copies her laugh]
Krystal: Stop! (T/N: I think that’s what she said… Right?)
Host 3: I guess her wish is to have a good laugh?
Host 2: I know! Her new year’s wish is to laugh frequently!
[Krystal says stuff and the audience cheers for no apparent reason, again]
Host 2: (to the audience) It feels like you guys understand what they’re saying.
Host 3: They really do understand what they’re saying.
Host 2: Really?
Translator: She says she’ll be 20 years old next year too so she wants to try China’s famous Qingdao Beer (T/N: It is quite famous because Qingdao, Vic’s hometown, was occupied by Germans for a few years back in the day. It tastes like a regular Heineken to me…)
Hosts: Ahhhhh~
Host 2: She’s in Sichuan so she- What’s the beer/wine called?
Host ??: Ours is called Lan Jian Beer (Blue Sword Beer).
[Hosts laugh] (T/N: I don’t get the joke either. Probably missing something…)
Host: If it’s Qingdao Beer than you gotta ask Song Qian, right? Song Qian, you should know a lot of people anticipate you and another person sharing a stage, right?
[Audience screams + Vic laughs nervously]
Host 2: Wait! Today, there are a bunch of people at a concert in Macau. We can’t make that come true so what’s your 2013 wish? (T/N: Don’t ask me, I don’t know what he’s trying to say either)
Victoria: It’s really simple. I hope every stays healthy and happy and I hope f(x) will have more events/activities next year. I hope we have more events/activities so that we can come to China and meet with everyone.
Host ??: Amber?
Amber: I think the way I learned my Chinese was a mess-
Host 3: It’s very good.
Amber: So I hope I can learn Chinese properly next year.
Hosts: Thank you, thank you.
Host 1: Next year, her Chinese will be so fluent she’ll be able to do 相声 (T/N: 相声 is an old art of speaking/joking)
Hosts: Okay, let’s give thanks to f(x) again!
Host 4: Actually, when Xiao Ma was having his concert today, a lot of my friends came up to me and asked me to make their wishes come true.
Host 2: What was their wish?
Host 4: They all want Song Qian’s autograph! [Audience cheers] I tried to think of a way and I tried get pass nor could ram my way through f(x)’s group of bodyguards. But I finally thought of a solution. Can I, representing all of the friends in Chengdu, shake hands with Song Qian?
[Audience screams, they shake hands, Amber is foreveralone]
Host 2: Hey! There were some people backstage who came up to me and asked to give her a hug!
Host 4: This hand, this is the hand that shook Song Qian’s hand.
Host 2: Later, we can chop off his hand and give it to everyone.
Host 4: Whoever wants to indirectly shake Song Qian’s hand can come find me at the Sichuan TV Station.
Host 2: Okay, thank you. We’re especially happy to have been able to invite all five members to Chengdu, to Sichuan. Next, they will give us a good song. Let’s give them a warm round of applause and screams again.

Translated by absolutezeronow
Shared by 공피디 @ f(x) DC


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