[NEWS] 121022 Krystal resemblance to Lee Yeongjin + university admission

Model Lee Yeongjin and f(x)'s Krystal resemblance has been a topic of interest.

In an online community board, a post titled "in 10 years, f(x) Krystal will probably looks like this" attracted netizens attention.

In the post, there were pictures of Krystal and model/actress Lee Yeongjin. From Lee Yeongjin's intense eye glaze and oval shaped face to her mysterious and upstage image, a lot of netizens agreed that it is similar to Krystal.

The netizens commented with "compared to Jessica, Lee Yeongjin resembles Krystal more" "Lee Yeongjin's face seems to be a lot colder but they're really similar" and many more.

On the other hand, Krystal who will turn 20 years old next year are known to be preparing for university admission.

Source: SportsSeoul
Translation: DearKrystal.net

* No official info on which university but a fan spotted her at ChungAng University before. f(x) related, Sulli decided to not enter university.


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