[HBDKRYSTAL!] [ME2DAY] 121024 Krystal Me2Day Update (TRANS)

“저의 생일을 축하해주신 여러분 모두 고맙습니다~~~다들 이제 20살이 되는거라고 하지만..저 어제까지만해도 만17세였어요..전 여기서 멈추는걸로..^^”

TRANS: "Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday~~~Everyone said that I'm 20 years old now but.. even until yesterday, I was only 17 years old..I'm here to stop something..^^"

t/n: I re-translated some parts, above is final translation.

Source: Krystal Me2Day
Translation: DearKrystal.net


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