2012 Krystal Birthday Video Message: Finished video

Happy birthday Krystal!

Thank you to everyone who has participated! The DVD will be delivered to Krystal soon. We'll post picture of the DVD once it is delivered!

Once again, thank you to everyone. Hopefully next time we can do something on a bigger scale for Krystal, together. :)

If you have Twitter, don't forget to include #HappyKrystalDay in your tweets! If you have Weibo, fans are celebrating Krystal birthday by putting #郑秀晶1024生日快乐# hashtag in their post. Again, have a very happy birthday Krystal!

1. Video Message DVD

2. T-shirt for Krystal

3. Card for Krystal

Soojung-a.com Birthday Support Deliver Preview on 1st November

Credit: @soojunga1024/soojung-a.com


1 comment:

  1. Wow it's really awesome!
    I can't believe that she will see all our messages >.< !

    Thanks a lot, you've done a pretty amazing job! ♥