Krystal's 18th (19th in Korea) Birthday: Video Message Project

Hello Krystalizeds! Last year we've made a similar project, except for Krystal's 18th (19th in Korea) birthday the video will be sent to Krystal (including 2011's birthday wish video too!) alongside with a gift. So use this opportunity to show your love to Krystal!♥

DEADLINE: 12th October 2012

- Picture (900 x 600 minimum, horizontal)
- Video (640 x 480 minimum, horizontal, 1 minute max)
- Messages (3 lines maximum)

- Video/picture content should be owned by the fan.
- Video/picture should be related to Krystal birthday.
- It's not needed for you to be visible in the video/picture.
- Video should be uploaded on Mediafire (.mov, .mp4) or YouTube.
- Fan-made video are not allowed (example: slideshows of Krystal's images without your own message). Please make your own original content for video submission.
- If you're typing your birthday wish on your picture submission using photo editing software, please make sure the font are clear and read-able.

- Message, video, pictures should be in English or Korean. However if you are not fluent in Korean, English is much more preferable since Krystal can understand English perfectly.
- Curse words, offensive video/pictures and hateful materials are not accepted.
- Please use proper language no matter if you're older or younger than Krystal.
- Fans can submit message, video, pictures altogether but only once for each.

★ Through Twitter (message only)
① Start your tweet with '[Name/Country/Email add]' and then tweet out your message to @dearkrystal. (You can use twitlonger as long as '[Name/Country/Email add]' is visible in the tweet without needing to click the twitlonger link)
② Please do not delete your tweet until the video is out in our YouTube channel and don't forget to make your Twitter account public or else we won't be able to see your mention/submission.

★ Through Email:-
① Write an email to with the subject "Submission"
② In the content, insert your name, country and email address.
③ Link us your video's download/YouTube link OR/AND attach your picture OR/AND write your message (3 lines max) under your information.
④ Wait for us to confirm your submission.


01. Message example
"dear Krystal, a very big happy birthday to you! May you reach all your dreams and keeps on being awesome! I love you! - Jane, USA"

That was an example for message submission. Your message should be about Krystal and her birthday only! Please write appropriately :D

02. Video/Picture ideas
Gather all of your friends who love Krystal and live in the same area for a video message or group picture. Wave your country's flag alongside Krystal's placard to show how internationally loved she is!  
These are only our ideas, you can use your own ideas as long as it is related to Krystal's birthday and follow the general rules.

Some useful words in Korean you might want to include in your submission~^^ If your computer/device does not support Korean words, then please click 'img' to view the words in image format :) If anything, Krystal understands English so it is not compulsory for you to write/talk in Korean :)

━ Happy birthday
    생일 축하합니다 (img[Pronounciation: saeng il chuk ha ham nee da]
    생일 축하해요 (img[Pronounciation: saeng il chuk ha hae yo]

    크리스탈 (img)

Jung Soojung / Soojung (Krystal's Korean name)
     정수정 (img) / 수정 (img[Pronounciation: jeong soo jeong]

━ I love you
    사랑합니다 (img[Pronounciation: sarang ham nee da]
    사랑해요 (img) [Pronounciation: sarang hae yo]

I want to see you
    보고싶어요 (img[Pronounciation: bogo shipo yo]

    언니 - for girls younger than Krystal (img[Pronounciation: on nee]
    누나 - for boys younger than Krystal (img[Pronounciation: noo na]


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