Support Electric Shock!

 Hi guys. For f(x) comeback, let's support the girls in every way we can!^^

Below are links where you can buy Electric Shock which also counts in music charts.

1. MelOn

2. Bugs

3. Mnet

4. Naver

5. Daum

6. Olleh

7. Soribada

8. iTunes (US)

Physical Albums (Pre-order)
1. YesAsia

2. DVDHeaven

3. KpopMart

Ways to Promote f(x) 'Electric Shock' Without Spending Your Money
1. Stream 'Electric Shock' in official music portals.
- Streaming the preview song is free! You can do this in MelOn, Soribada, Mnet etc. In MelOn you do not need to register to stream for the song (thanks to @affxtionID for the info). It helps in publicity and also in music charts.

2. Search for 일렉트릭 쇼크 or 에프엑스 in or other portal music sites during your free time.
- This is to increase the search trending rank!

3. Tweet, post or spread about the song in your Twitter, blog or in real life. Publicity is good!

4. Watch Electric Shock M/V uploaded in SMTOWN official channel. A good number of views makes both fans and f(x) side happy.


1. Login to your SBS account
2. Find '일렉트릭 쇼크' by f(x) and click 투표
3. Only Korean/people living in Korea can vote

BUGS Voting

1. Login to Bugs via your Bugs account or Facebook account
2. Find and choose Electric Shock
3. Scroll down and click 투표하기
4. Only Korean/people living in Korea can vote (need confirmation)


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