[NEWS] 120618 Krystal's controversial interview, she also laughed

On 14th June, f(x) members recorded for Mnet 'Mnet Wide Entertainment News' and Krystal came under the spotlight again for supposedly rude attitude. However, when we watched the broadcast again, even when answering impolite questions, she was seen smiling.

During a corner, the question about Krystal's dual-personality was asked. In the broadcast, they showed pictures from Leeteuk's Twitter which shows Krystal's two different facial expressions to show Krystal's dual-personality.

She looks stunned for a moment however she continues to smile. We can also see her nodding and answering very hard to the MC questions. There was no part that is similar to her attitude controversy in the broadcast.

The MCs continued, "because of High Kick 3 sitcom, you must've heard these kind of stories a lot more" "there were also people who says you are arrogant. When you hear them, didn't you feel sad?" and keeps on going with dual-personality questions. Even in an inconvenient situation Krystal keeps on smiling, therefore the other half members defends her.

Victoria says "There are no such things at all. Even when five of us goes to play, we enjoyed ourselves". Luna also said "the dual-personality that people talked about is not in a bad way, but instead it is about her charismatic and strong aura when performing on stage that is different to her cutesy self when not performing. Exactly like how a youngest member would be. This is probably why the dual-personality issue were talked about"

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201206181206320210
Translation: DearKrystal.net
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