[TRANS] 111201 High Kick 3's Yoon-geon Tweet: Legos

레고디오라마야.하이킥캐릭으로 함 만들어봤어 제목은 시청앞광장공연.근데 좀안비슷할수도있어 피규어가좀부족했거든..ㅋㅋ오른쪽피아노부터윤건수정승윤내상유선종석하선

TRANS: Its lego's diorama. Made by High Kick 3 characters, the title are "Performance At City Hall's Square". But even with little similarity, the figures are a bit lacking..keke From the right side starting from the piano are Yoongeon, Soojung, Seungyoon, Naesang, Yooseon, Jongseok, Haseon

Source: Yoon-geon's Twitter
Translation: DearKrystal.net


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