[PICS] 111013 ISPLUS Star Selca - Krystal's High Kick 3 Behind The Scenes

2. Waiting for my filming. During waiting time, my smartphone is my favourite friend.
A KakaoTalk conversation is a fun way to get rid of boredom.

3. How is my supermodel pose? If you look for too long, you might fall in love with me. 
Please be careful~ hehe

4. Playing board game with Jongseok oppa.

5. Ah it's Super Junior Kyuhyun oppa. Look like he is mc-ing with Kim Gura in 'Radio Star'
Oppa! Don't get angry at Gura ajusshi* (*older married man) words!! Fighting~

6. With Jongseok oppa~ Because of 5 years difference, supposedly he's a very older oppa but after a while, we are like friends nowㅋㅋ

7. I put on a beard and also wore body armor. Does my pose makes me looks like a Koguryo empire's General? HaHa. All of you come here! I will destroy you ㅋㅋ

8.  Its impossible to not take pictures with 'oppa of big age difference', Seungyoon. 
Seungyoon-ah what are you doing, that is not a nose accessory~ hehe

9. A fight with Jongseok oppa for the attic room. Quite a commotion right? Come upstairs if you can~~

Credit: IlganSport, Lawliet @ DC Gallery, ZephyrTaku @ Soojung-A.com


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