[INTERVIEW] 111013 ISPLUS Star Selca - Krystal (TRANS)

Hello. I am f(x) Krystal. The year 2011, is an unforgettable year for me. After the debut of our first full album, like a dream we gotten number 1. We also gotten number 1 for our repackage album song. Right now we're focusing on individual activities. On this summer, I skated with Kim Yeona unni on the ice. I became a champion because I worked hard on learning it. Right now, in MBC Sitcom 'High Kick! Counter-attack Of The Short Legs', I'm living not as Krystal, but as Ahn Soojung. During filming, I had a lot of fun moments with Jongseok oppa (with big age difference) and also Seungyoon. Please watch my 'unstoppable' activities in a beautiful way. So from now, I will show you what goes on behind the filming^^.

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Source: IlganSport
Translation: DearKrystal.net


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