[NEWS] 110724 'Kiss & Cry' Krystal, Crowned 1st Place Unexpectedly

Girlgroup f(x) member, Krystal and partner Lee Dong-hun was crowned 1st place in Kiss & Cry.

In 24th July episode of SBS "I Like Sunday - Kim Yeona Kiss & Cry", the third result round has took place.

Initially, the jury marks makes them in the 3rd place, therefore when they were crowned 1st place, both Krystal and partner Lee Dong-hun was amazed and shocked.

The reason for their winning is because of audience votes, each roses thrown means a vote. There was 98 out of 100 roses thrown for their performance which reversed the result.

Krystal responds with "based on jury votes we were in 3rd place so we were not expecting this" and "it feels good because we got 1st place" along with a smile during the result.

On the other hand, during the 3rd elimination round the youngest participant and partner, Jin Jihee-Cha Junhwan was eliminated which made the studio full of tears.

Source: xportnews.com
Translated by DearKrystal.net


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