[NEWS] 110715 Kim Yuna praises Krystal’s performance yet again

On July 12th’s episode of SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, f(x) member Krystal gave a stunning circus-themed performance on ice for the third round of the competition.

On this day, Krystal took on three lifts. Each lift was more original and difficult than the last, and it amazed both the judges and the audience. Krystal’s skating partner was said to be very worried about the lifts due to the possible physical injuries that would result if they weren’t executed successfully.

But as Krystal perfectly performed all three lifts, the judges could not keep their mouths closed. Judge Go Sung Hae commented, “To have improved that much to perform those kind of lifts is amazing.”

Kim Yuna expressed her admiration, “She could be called a legitimate ice dancer and I would believe it“.

Krystal commented, “Out of all my performances, this has been the most satisfactory. The positive feedback from the judges gave me courage and I wanted to perform even better knowing that my f(x) members were attending“. After letting out a bright laugh, Krystal also genuinely thanked her ice partner, Lee Dong Hoon, for lifting her perfectly every time.

Credit: allkpop, omonatheydidnt


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