[NEWS] 110629 f(x)’s Krystal tears up while talking about being the maknae

It appears that many tears were shed on this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘Come to Play‘.

First, it was f(x)’s Sulli, who showed her gratitude towards SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon. This time, fellow f(x) member and maknae, Krystal, shared a personal story about her own hardships.

“As the group’s maknae, I couldn’t comfortably join in with the others because of the age difference. Even when we went out to eat together, I felt a distance between me and the others.”

Feeling sad about those difficult times, she began to shed tears. She said, “We were trainees during different periods so we hadn’t spent much time together. I always acted carefully, thinking that it would be awkward if I tried to become too close to them. Now I think that I should make the first move toward intimacy.”

In response to both Sulli and Krystal, Tiffany said that she wishes to take better care of her juniors, as many of them may be upset and going through hard times.

Source & Photo: Xports News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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