[NEWS] 110522 ‘Kiss and Cry’ Krystal’s perfect spiral, Even Kim Yuna is surprised.

[Newsen Choi Yeong Ah’s Report]

Girl Group f(x)’s Krystal were completely transformed into a figure-skater.

On the broadcast of Kim Yuna’s Kiss And Cry on the 22nd of May, Krystal showed off amazing skating skills.

Krystal said “ Watching Figure-Skating movies, I’ve always thought on trying them(figure-skate) once.” “Since I was young, instead of hanging around with my friends, I often took rides instead.” She added, “My father was a boxer and my mother was a gymnast, so I think that is why I am athletic” Krystal also said ambitiously “ I will work hard to target Number One.”

Krystal with black and red costume showed an intense and charismatic performance to the OST song of Scent of a Woman titled 'Por Uha Cabeza'. With help of the chair props, she succeeded with her great spiral that raised applause from the audience.

(Photo = SBS capture)

Source: Newsen
Translator: magnaeherk
Credit&Shared By: magnaeherk @ Affxtion Forums


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