[INTERVIEW] 110516 What's going on in f(x) Music Bank's waiting room

The set of KBS’s “Music Bank” was recently nicknamed the ‘warzone of idols’ thanks to the many debuts and comebacks this month. Over 100 staff members and artists bustled in the hallways each week, creating a thick feeling of tension as they make last-minute checks on everything they’ve prepared months for.

At the center of such activity is girl group f(x), who recently made their comeback after a year-long hiatus. The girls took fans behind-the-scenes for a sel-ca tour of their waiting room. Luna expressed, “The waiting room is where sweat and tears co-exist.”

Her heart is still beating over the “Pinocchio” win, as she explained, “That day, our members cried nonstop all day starting in the morning. Because it was the day that we were to appear on a music program, we all felt different from the moment we stepped in our waiting room. The five of us were on the same page, and we just kept confessing everything we felt sorry for that day. We opened up our hearts and consoled each other through tears. We didn’t even think about winning, but we somehow won on top of that. Holding each other close, we really cried nonstop.”

As K-pop fans know, artists must spend their entire day at the broadcast hall on days they’re to appear on music programs. They rehearse three to four times and can’t leave the scene until they’re done with their live broadcast. f(x) arrived at 9:00 AM and rushed back and forth to get their hair, make-up, and outfits coordinated. Once they quickly grab a meal, they finally have time to breathe and rest.

That looks like cityville l m a o

Krystal and Luna browse the ‘net using a tablet PC while Amber enjoys playing with a rubix cube. No matter how hard the combination, she’s able to complete it in 30 to 40 seconds flat. Meanwhile, Sulli and Victoria came up with unique styles and took sel-cas to fill the time.

Brian, who’s in the waiting room next door, stopped by to chat with the girls before junior groups like X-5 and Rania briefly made visits to greet their seniors.

f(x) stated, “Because there are so many idols these days, people think that we’re all in a competition, but we’re not like that at all. We’re all close friends, seniors, and juniors, and all hope to learn something from each other. There isn’t any fierce competition at all.”

Luna named IU as a friend that she got close with through the waiting room. “When IU was promoting ‘Marshmallow’, someone told me that we were the same age. We once used the same waiting room so I knew that this was my chance. I left her a note saying I wanted to be friends, and we’ve become best friends ever since.”

Concluding their interview, the girls revealed, “The stage music is so loud that we can’t hear what the person next to us is saying. We’d like for them to make a separate room for people to share secrets in.”

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Naver
Translated by allkpop


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