[NEWS] 110403 Krystal’s Abs Gain Attention!

Girl group f(x)’s Krystal’s abs have been revealed, and many are saying she resembles a doll.

On the 1st, Krystal went to the Seoul Youngdunpyo Times Square “Bean Pole Jean 9 by Goldie” launching with member Victoria. That day, Krystal wore a red check shirt, a white top, and jeans.

The interesting part is that her jeans were slightly short, and so was her shirt, revealing her [flat] stomach, giving a “sexy” and “flirty” feeling. With this outfit she wore killer heels, and people have been saying she resembles a “Maron Doll”

Victoria, who also went with Krystal, wore a khaki-colored military jacket, a white top, and and washing blue jeans. Also, she sported white lace-up walker heels, showing off her slim figure and getting many photos taken of her.

[Ommited, not about f(x)]

Credits: ntn.seoul.co.kr
Photo Credits: ntn.seoul.co.kr

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang
Shared by kacey @ DKPOPNEWS


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