[INTERVIEW] 110421 f(x) on their comeback, unique style, and learning Korean

After a year of hiatus, the ladies of f(x) finally made their return this week with the release of their first official album, “Pinocchio“! With their title track already sweeping the charts, the girls are happily preparing for their first comeback stage on “Music Bank“.

In their recent interview with OSEN, the girls were not only confident, but filled with excitement over their upcoming promotion cycle. Luna began, “Idols usually have synchronized choreographies, but we instead put the emphasis on timing. We want to be as detailed as possible with our expressions so that the lyrics can be better understood.”

The lyrics for “Pinocchio” compares the process of getting to know a crush to the process of putting together a Pinocchio doll. Like their past hits, the lyrics are just as convoluted and the sound is just as fresh.

The difference this time lies in the public’s reaction. Before, they had to replay their songs for a while in order to get a response, but now, they’ve been sweeping the charts even before they’ve come out to promote it.

Sulli commented, “I feel like our color has become a lot more clear. I’ve been reading a lot of replies about people liking our style. It feels great that people have accepted it and are even anticipating what we’ll bring next.”

The girls described themselves as a group that people naturally became curious about. “The more you look, the more you want to know who are.”

Luna continued, “We want to become a group that doesn’t stick to stereotypes. We want to be convoluted, a group that you can’t just put into one word or feeling.”

For the past year, the members have been each busily taking part in variety shows and musicals, but they all agreed that it was the stage that they missed the most.

Krystal revealed, “For last year’s year-end ceremonies, we stood on stage after such a long time that it made us all really nervous (laughter). I think that’s why I’m looking forward to this comeback more than ever.”

Victoria and Amber are still busily studying Korean. For Victoria, she revealed that she was learning a lot through her role in “We Got Married” and that she was glad to have garnered an older fanbase. Unfortunately for Amber, she’s forgotten most of her Korean during the six months she’s been away, so she’s back to hitting the books again.

Victoria commented, “It’s easier to write than to speak for me. It’s okay to plan it out in my bed and writing it out, but having to speak fast is still difficult.”

The members added, “We laugh a lot while watching ‘We Got Married’ because Victoria’s real personality shines right through. She loves cooking and her personality is very cute, which is reflected directly in the show.”

Victoria stated, “Lately, I’ve been feeling the popularity of ‘We Got Married’. A lot of older women have begun to notice me whenever I go to places like the supermarket. It’s really cool that the older generation has taken an interest. I’m glad that I was able to join the program since I’ve always wanted to be on it and I’m learning quite a lot.”

Amber concluded the interview by stating, “Korean is really hard but I want to study hard and become a VJ some day. I’m also going to continue pursuing music no matter what, so I hope people listen to f(x)’s music. Every song included in the track is of a different genre, so you’ll definitely never get bored.”

Source: OSEN #1, #2 via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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