[INFO] 110402 Krystal to joins "Kiss And Cry" (substitute of 'Heroes')

Okay, so, I'll just post it in points since I can't translate the whole article. And sadly I can't find the news elsewhere that I've looked. :(

- The show title is tentative
- The show will be shown on SBS channel.
- It will replace 'Heroes'.
- The concept is figure skating.
- The recording is expected to starts on the 12th (not sure which month)
- First episode is planned to be broadcasted on 22th May.
- The MC will be Shin Dong-yeop & Kim Yeona (the figure skater)
- The show will have 8 celebrities and 8 citizens
- They'll be in 2 groups and will be mentored by Kim Yeona
- The one/group who won will be performing with Kim Yeona in August
- The other celebrities beside Krystal is Son Dambi, Yunho Uknow, IU, Kim Byeong-man, Park Jungeum and Seo Ji-sok

Source: SPN Daily  + another one


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