[FANACC] 110427 Kangnam fansign - Krystal

This oppa told that I am borned on 1995.

Krystal: Daebak, you are 95er!?!?!?!?!/
Fan: eng.. (yes)
Krystal: Eii, you're not 95er
Fan: I am a 95er
Krystal: Ah..why is it like this..you doesn't look like a 95er
(A while after that, Krystal wrote my name)
Fan: Ah..my name is not Ara..
Krystal: (embarassed) Ara ri..ght?
Fan: Its not Ara
Krystal: Its Ara right!? (Sulli heard) Eii your name is Ara right!?
Sulli: OO (blank face)
Fan: Its not;
Krystal: I wrote correctly right
Fan: Ah, and JungHyeWon (T/N: I don't get this part :/)
Krystal: ?
Fan: Ah.. Krystal is 17 years old
Krystal: What did you said?
Fan: I said Krystal is 17 years old kekekekekeke
Krystal: Ah..
(Suddenly, Sulli butts in)
Sulli: So your name is Jara? kekekekekkeke
Krystal: (I don't remember what she said)
Fan: Please give p/s
Krystal: Ah..em
(She wrote "You are jjang (the best)")
Fan: keke..
Krystal: You like it right?
Fan: ...
Krystal: Tell me the truth, you like it right?
Fan: Eng (yes)... I like it.. Thank you...

(Her sign with the p/s XD)

Ah and at the parking lot

Fan: (Shout at Krystal)
Krystal: (Shout) You are in pain
Fan: I'm really hurt (T/N: she went off-tune)
Krystal: Your voice kekekkeekkekekekeke

Source: 박루나정크리 @ Charmant
Translated by DearKrystal


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