[INTERVIEW] 110323 Marie Claire Korea - Krystal

What does f(x) mean to me?
Something that is very precious to me.

Member you’re closest to?
I can’t pick just one person from among my family. We’re all close.

To me music is?
It’s joy. When I am stressed it calms me.

To me dance is?
It’s fun. In particular when I achieve a difficult move I feel elated.

The meaning of an idol.
As the word states it’s an icon. Something that can give joy to people? I’m not sure (laughter).

My true dream is?
For now I want to achieve success as f(x) and then grow older and act, marry, and live happily.

The idol group which keeps you in check the most?
There is something to learn from everyone, won’t it do if we just work hard? Even if there was a group to keep in check I probably wouldn’t have said (laughter).

To Krystal unnie Jessica is?
My one and only precious unnie. She’s someone with whom I share everything, a presence I wouldn’t be able to be without. I don’t feel a sense of rivalry with unnie at all and don’t even have a reason to. On the whole Girls’ Generation’s and f(x)’s music is different. She differs from me a lot fundamentally as well. There isn’t anything that I learn from thinking that I must learn something from unnie but I think that my body does so on its own accord. I think that a dongsaeng can’t help but be similar to her unnie.

To Krystal the age of 18 years is?
I can’t believe that I”m 18 years old. I really felt as though I would never became 18 years old but now that I have it feels like something has become complicated. I wish I could always remain a teenager. I like the freshness and student-like feel that the word gives off.

To Krystal foreign languages are?
I think that the more foreign languages you know the better it is. The Chinese I spoke while joking around with the members during filming was all fake except for a few words (laughter). I can’t speak much Chinese, but I’m learning a bit of Japanese. A language I want to learn in particular is French. It’s cool. However I want to learn it after perfectly mastering the languages I already speak.

To Krystal a complex is?
I have so many but I can’t say what they are. If I do everyone will just focus on my complex (laughter).

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