Send your messages to Krystal for f(x) 1st anniversary!

Hello Krystalized, Krystal Korean fansite, is currently accepting messages for f(x) 1st anniversary. They'll send all of the messages to Krystal later with their support stuff.

However you must be in level 8 or above to be able to send yours. The good news is, level-up is now open in and you can do so in English!

How? Just go to then register (find 수정아 희원가입) there. After that, at the very top of the page, find LEVEL UP and find '등업 신청 양식입니다. (LEVEL-UP Form English ver.)'. Copy all of it, then go to the main page of LEVEL UP and click 'write'. Paste all of the questions and answer it. Don't forget to tick 'secret' so that only the admins can see it. Once your level-up is successful, you'll receive a reply in your level-up post and you'll be in level 8. Also, don't forget to put the subject as "등업 신청합니다. (LEVEL-UP Form English ver.)".

How to send your message? Just click THIS link and click 'write'. It would be good if your letters consists of 5 or more lines. You can write in English but please use formalities or Onni (언니) or Nuna (누나) if she's older than you. ^^ And again, don't forget to tick the 'secret' box :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment box. Let's show to Krystal that she has lots of international fans behind her! :-)


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